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Sketchup Architect

Thomas Soltren

SketchUp Architect Creator

B.A. Architecture 

SketchUp Architect is an online video tutorial site created for new and experienced SketchUp users.  Whether you have experience or not you can follow these videos and learn.

Thomas Soltren  created SketchUp Architect to teach architects, interior designers and anyone who wants to learn how to create models quickly and effectively with SketchUp. 

He earned his Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington in 2011 and also has an Associate Degree in architecture.

Thomas modeled his first 3D building in 1997.  He then began working in the architectural field as a drafter primarily drawing 2D plans for architects engineers and builders. 

Today he works primarily drawing architectural models in 3D using SketchUp.  He continues to learn methods that allows him to create models quickly and effectively using a minimal amount of Plug-ins keeping the process simple and easy. 

In his training videos he focuses on keeping process down to easy to follow steps that move in a consecutive order.  He is always looking to improve and welcomes feedback and  recommendations from viewers.

"In the end it's all about creating a model that effectively displays your design ideas and meets or exceeds the criteria of your client."  Thomas Soltren 

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